Sunday, 20 September 2015

Blue Lagoon in Photos

Again, Liz has written about our brief stay in the"Blue Lagoon" and here are a few photos.  For whatever reason I did not seem to use the camera much here so thankfully Deanne from Exodus took lots of good pictures.

The busy anchorage (Exodus photo)

Post sevusevu walkabout (Exodus photo)

Kids invade Exodus (Exodus photo) 

The dressmaking sweatshop in Fluenta

Modelling the dress (Exodus photo)

Baking assistant

School on the pulpit: Johnathan skyping with his new teacher.

the kids go to all sorts of lengths to find a peaceful spot.

We were joking that people at home think we do this all the time. Happy hour drinks at the bar. (Exodus photo).

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