Thursday, 30 July 2015

Spearfishing Photos

I have been fortunate to have some experienced spearfishers to tutor me in spearfishing.  I had done some in Mexico but this is like going from the bunny hill to the double diamond runs in skiing.  A lot deeper, more current and a lot more sharks !  My new-to-me Beauchat 115 speargun is a real treat compared to the little gun I used in Mexico.

A steep learning curve but I have managed to get a few fish.  Definitely a good thing we are not relying on my spearfishing to feed the family.  The new skills have been handy though as I recently had to freedive to untangle our anchor chain about 40' down .

All the in-water photos were taken outside the pass in Fulanga by Jesus.

Gary bringing home dinner !

An eagle ray coming to check on my progress.


Still waiting
Finally got a decent size fish - a job fish down about 40'.  Very tasty.

Oops - I saw this guy tuck into a cave at about 30'.  I went back down and waited for him and thought, seeing only the nose, that it was a grouper or similar.  Nope.  Some sort of puffer fish.

I did get a tasty coral trout though.

Hans get a nice dogtooth tuna ! (Nautilus photo)

Parrotfish is also tasty

Johnathan processing the job fish

Johnathan processing the job fish - nice teeth !

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