Sunday, 31 May 2015

New Zealand to Fiji - Passage Photos

Liz documented our passage which was to be to Tonga via Minerva but ended up being to Fiji not via Minerva so we could catch up hopefully with the other kid boats.  A bunch of photos here documenting the trek north.

Not in the tropics yet !
The only problem with catching fish is processing them at sea ...
One fish is about seven meals for the family
Cooking up Minecraft plans
And crocheting.
Are we in the tropics yet ?
Victoria easing the preventor for us.

And now tensioning the preventor
Finally flying our new-to-us spinnaker.

And of course light air means laundry day

and more laundry
High-Tech fuel gauge

On the helm

and baking in the galley

A bit windier now.

Oh yes, more comfortable now as Fiji gets closer

Jesus catches his first fish

And treats us with omelettes for breakfast
Heading down the Koro Sea
The playpen.

Looking to confirm our position with an aid to navigation

Where is Fiji ?
I think we see Fiji.

The welcome to Fiji rainbow. Note the trike lashed to the pushpit.


  1. Great photos of your passage. Miss you guys in Mexico!
    Shindig is being put to bed and we head out on Tuesday for California.
    It is hot.... really hot here.

  2. Super photos! The kids are sure growing up fast! Enjoy Fiji. We liked the culture and diverse people the best. We wish we would've spent more time, even a season needed to explore all the islands.


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