Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Boat Maintenance and Homeschooling - The Sequel

Most of time in New Zealand has been taken by boat maintenance and home schooling.  Neither is conducive to photos or at least we do not some to take many pictures of either ...

After the photos there is an output from my maintenance spreadsheet showing the tasks conducted from our arrival in New Zealand in December until now.  The spreadsheet is perhaps only interesting reading for the real boat-geeks...

Precise maintenance on the now deceased inverter/charger

On our way to an early morning haulout.

Hauling out

Not all bad being in the boat yard - lots of kid boats !
Computer class - Victoria takes top prize for your morse code program.  You can just see her robot blinking on the right.

Johnathan working on his program with his friend Dillion.

Back into the bilge

Oh, I love plumbing
Always a comfortable place to work

Not the Health and Safety recommended approach

Aluminum and steel not playing well together.  I neglected to take a picture after the acid etching, wire brushing, epoxy primer, epoxy filler, and an insulating and sealing layer ... 

Benjamin is such a big help

Working with Grammpy.

Stitching and looking stylish at the same time.
Old (3 years) Magma BBQ

New Magma BBQ - Our old one deteriorated so bad Magma gave us 50% off a new one (but at NZ prices so about the same as full price in Canada.  Groan)

EMI issues with the Pactor modem solved thanks to Doug's advice.

Overhauled Injection Pump - it even works without leaking diesel everywhere
Before - After three months in the Town Basin.  The prop was pristine when we left Minerva Reef in November.

After shots ... new propspeed paint on the prop and shaft.

Luxury ... the infill between the bimini and dodger gives a bit more living space during the frequent rains here.

Oh, where did I put my anchor ... should be easier to find next season when freediving to check its holding.

Look Daddy ! I am reorgansing your tools !

New lifeline netting and yet more diapers.

Rig inspection time and repairs to the top of the furler
Cyclone Pam (the cyclone not my mother who also came to visit but was helpful) came to visit which was not helpful
Not helpful but not as big of a deal as it could have been,

Paddling out to check on a friend's boat during the start of the storm,

Johnathan putting the new zincs on,

Liz's Dad came out to help fix things (and to visit).

Rig inspection.

Done Maintenance Action Periodicity Due Category
04-Dec-14 Engine zinc  60 days Dec-14 Engine
04-Dec-14 Oil (100 hrs) 125 4480 engine
04-Dec-14 Oil Filter Change 125 4480 engine
04-Dec-14 Oil cooler zinc - 1/3 worn or less 60 days Dec-14
07-Dec-14 Damp under bed - storage area
07-Dec-14 Prop/shaft zincs Monthly Dec-14
07-Dec-14 snatch blocks etc clean Dec-14
08-Dec-14 fresh water flush engine
13-Dec-14 Battery water - aft - 60 days 60 days 41986
13-Dec-14 Battery water - fwd - 60 days 60 days 41986
13-Dec-14 Prep Honda generator
13-Dec-14 Prep outboard
01-Feb-15 Battery water - aft - 60 days 60 days Feb-15
01-Feb-15 exhaust elbow - new plus spare engine
01-Feb-15 heat exchanger clean 12 mon engine
02-Feb-15 deck drain leak
02-Feb-15 replace propane sensor
03-Feb-15 coolant change  250 4505 engine
03-Feb-15 Battery water - fwd - 60 days 60 days Feb-15
03-Feb-15 heat exchanger inspect engine
03-Feb-15 hose clamps - exhaust hose to waterlift engine
03-Feb-15 leaking pressure water filter
03-Feb-15 oil cooler clean 12 mon engine
03-Feb-15 Pressure water filter 3 mon Dec-14
03-Feb-15 sail survey sailmaker
04-Feb-15 water lift muffler - leak ? engine
04-Feb-15 Engine - coolant and test engine
07-Feb-15 measure size of aft tank ?
07-Feb-15 top up coolant
08-Feb-15 Mainsail cover sailmaker
09-Feb-15 Clean bilge
09-Feb-15 exhaust elbow hose leak and double hose clamps
09-Feb-15 Fuel return lines - replace. With Banjo fittings engine
09-Feb-15 waterlift/trans chafe protection
10-Feb-15 replace main sail cover
11-Feb-15 foot guide for furl boom ss
11-Feb-15 Lifelines - resplice and end for end
12-Feb-15 clarkpump leak - approx 1 drip every  WM
12-Feb-15 order simcard
12-Feb-15 Watermaker Clark pump - fittings and overhaul with Intertech WM
13-Feb-15 Trickle - pins for oar lock
13-Feb-15 Trickle - pins for rudder
13-Feb-15 Trickle - rudder rope
14-Feb-15 Compass sticks - repair or replace ?
14-Feb-15 preventer bungee storage
15-Feb-15 boom - end plate at end - 1 of four screws stripped  Rigger
16-Feb-15 Watermaker carbon filter 6 mon Nov-14 WM
16-Feb-15 check engine hoses 12 month engine
16-Feb-15 diesel leak - injector pump    engine
16-Feb-15 water maker - rerurbish clark pump
16-Feb-15 watermaker leak ?
16-Feb-15 wd40 - engine key
16-Feb-15 wm carbon filter leak
17-Feb-15 WM Pickle
18-Feb-15 Grease rudder reference bearing 12 mon lazerette lazerette
18-Feb-15 autopilot - cross bar 
18-Feb-15 autopilot rudder response failure - talked to Tom 1 Aug 14 lazerette
18-Feb-15 coord haulout haulout
18-Feb-15 coord liferaft/mom8 inspection
18-Feb-15 counter sunk bolts for autopilot lazerette
18-Feb-15 order - bluetooth headset, etc from amazon
19-Feb-15 epoxy damage to fwd fairleeds
19-Feb-15 fridge door
20-Feb-15 header tank - replace flange engine engine
20-Feb-15 tighten engine valve cover engine
20-Feb-15 anchor roller replacement ss
20-Feb-15 companionway stairs screw - lower
20-Feb-15 dodger repair sewing
20-Feb-15 emergency tiller access panel - open threaded opening vingear
20-Feb-15 Honda generator - new foot
20-Feb-15 MOB strobe
20-Feb-15 retap emergency tiller access screw holes fiberglass
21-Feb-15 bimini - water proofing
21-Feb-15 chaps repair sewing
21-Feb-15 dodger cleaning
22-Feb-15 Stanchion - stbd fwd of gate
22-Feb-15 Stanchions - stbd pushpit
24-Feb-15 aft cabin wiring  lazerette
24-Feb-15 mount light in "shaft" closet
25-Feb-15 12v jack - aft cabin lazerette
25-Feb-15 anchor chain - markings
25-Feb-15 paint anchor bright colour painting
25-Feb-15 paint anchor chain end ? painting
25-Feb-15 rebed - aft chainplate
25-Feb-15 rebed - HF wire
25-Feb-15 rebed - weather fax wire
25-Feb-15 replace corroded terminal bar in lazerette
25-Feb-15 touch up raw water pump, spare
26-Feb-15 12v jack - saloon port side wiring
26-Feb-15 Galley lighting with dimmer
26-Feb-15 Pactor below 4000 issues
26-Feb-15 sailmail - confirm funcion
26-Feb-15 USB charger electrical
27-Feb-15 Broomholder
27-Feb-15 Flashholder - fwd head
27-Feb-15 move pressure water filter
27-Feb-15 OP10 autopilot controllor electronics
28-Feb-15 Anchor chain - end for end
28-Feb-15 anchor shackle - seizing wire and wire tie
04-Mar-15 Bimini extension - side and gap sewing
05-Mar-15 mast rake angle : 1.5 deg as per Yachtspar rigger
05-Mar-15 Oven valve replacement oven
05-Mar-15 rig inspection - C Spar - Matt Oct-14
06-Mar-15 mat for port deck
08-Mar-15 Check rudder bearings
09-Mar-15 Engine zinc   60 days Mar-15 Engine
09-Mar-15 Oil cooler zinc  60 days Mar-15 engine
09-Mar-15 clean head hoses with vinegar Haulout Haulout
09-Mar-15 clean sink hoses with vinegar Haulout Haulout
09-Mar-15 bilge clean - degreaser and engine compartment
09-Mar-15 PSS shaft seal - clean face 12 mon haulout
09-Mar-15 resecure fuel return line within 4" of end
10-Mar-15 fuel line chafing - cut out damage and spliced.  Rerouted with new wire ties
10-Mar-15 replace hose clamps x 2 - PSS shaft seal Haulout
10-Mar-15 reroute and clamp fuel line from aft tank
10-Mar-15 staysail bag sewing
11-Mar-15 Bottom Paint Haulout Haulout
11-Mar-15 Corroded T fittings - T fitting for reefer and watermaker brine
12-Mar-15 cotter pin fwd lower shouds
12-Mar-15 MOB light - new D cell x 5
12-Mar-15 Prop/shaft zincs Monthly haulout
12-Mar-15 steering cable - oil sheaves - biannually 6 mon Feb-15
13-Mar-15 center helm to a spoke
13-Mar-15 quadrant cross bar interference
13-Mar-15 top up paint - dock box
14-Mar-15 Remove benmar drive rigger
15-Mar-15 driver - usb gps
16-Mar-15 calibrate depth sounders - 4.29`for depth sounder and 3.67`for fisherfinder
16-Mar-15 change prop angle ? haulout
16-Mar-15 prop - ding ?
16-Mar-15 Service max prop - Oct 14 12 mon Haulout
17-Mar-15 Lubricate steering chain and cable 6 mon Apr-15
17-Mar-15 PFD - recharge - 2x PFD with tether points Mar-15
17-Mar-15 PFD - recharge - spinlock - replaced CO2 and bobbin - due March 2018 Dec-14
17-Mar-15 Steering cable tightness - check quarterly 3 mon Dec-14
18-Mar-15 anchor shackle - replacement and reseize.
18-Mar-15 Backup anchor shackle with spectra
18-Mar-15 Overhaul winch - stbd 28 6 mon Aug-14
18-Mar-15 portable watermaker – annual maintenance 12 mon Mar-15
18-Mar-15 reglue cockpit light
18-Mar-15 rudder leak - ground down to inspect.  Fiberglass with vinelester.  Epoxy paint and then antifoul
18-Mar-15 Skeg bolts - permanent fix ? haulout
18-Mar-15 steering - replace end stops
19-Mar-15 aft head - overhaul
19-Mar-15 Overhaul winch - port 28 12  mon Sep-14
19-Mar-15 Overhaul winch - port 36 12  mon Jul-14
19-Mar-15 Overhaul winch - stbd 36 12  mon Aug-14
19-Mar-15 rebed port cheek block due to corrosion - tuff gell rigging
19-Mar-15 rebed stbd cheek block rigging
20-Mar-15 Overhaul winch - Anderson 12  mon Sep-14
20-Mar-15 paint props 12 mon haulout
20-Mar-15 PFD - recharge - old mustang Nov-14
20-Mar-15 Windlass - bimonthly 2 Mon 08-Dec-14
20-Mar-15 Windlass Service - preseason service - every 6 mon 6 mon Feb-15
22-Mar-15 Battery water - aft - 60 days 60 days Mar-15
22-Mar-15 check depth calibration - calibrate depth sounders - 4.29`for depth sounder and 3.67`for fisherfinder
22-Mar-15 Overhaul winch - stbd 27 main sheet 12  mon Jul-14
22-Mar-15 Overhaul winch - stbd 27 outboard 12  mon Jul-14
22-Mar-15 steering safety nuts
24-Mar-15 inverter/charger failure - replaced with Xantrax Prosine 2.0
24-Mar-15 OAT sensor
24-Mar-15 replace manual fresh pump plumbing
24-Mar-15 replace manual salt water pump
25-Mar-15 generator foot
25-Mar-15 new VHF ? - installed SH GX2200 electronics
25-Mar-15 rebed aft head window rebed
25-Mar-15 rebed chart table window rebed
25-Mar-15 Rebed port fwd window rebed
26-Mar-15 12V jack - chart table - lower
26-Mar-15 rebed - emergency steering rebed
26-Mar-15 Traveller repair rigging
26-Mar-15 waterproof - bimini infill
27-Mar-15 compass LED
27-Mar-15 port saloon reading light
28-Mar-15 12v plug - cockpit - rewire
28-Mar-15 aft water tank indicator
28-Mar-15 autopilot - heat shrink Apr-15
28-Mar-15 rebed - back stay chainplate rebed
28-Mar-15 rebed - hf cable rebed
28-Mar-15 rebed - shroud chainplates rebed
28-Mar-15 rebed - stanchion pushpit rebed
30-Mar-15 engine air filter check 100 4525 engine
30-Mar-15 Fuel Filter - Primary 250 4580 engine
30-Mar-15 Fuel Filter - Secondary 250 4460 engine
30-Mar-15 bleed fwd fuel tank line - open valves at manifold and tank.  Bleed at primary filter
30-Mar-15 rebed again - aft chain plate and stanchion
30-Mar-15 replace aft head taps plumbing
30-Mar-15 rubber sound suppression - wind gen struts
31-Mar-15 alternator x 3 and starter - check wiring 100 4515.4 engine
31-Mar-15 engine exhaust temp alarm replace engine engine
31-Mar-15 Engine zinc   60 days May-15 Engine
31-Mar-15 Impellor replacement 250 4460 engine
31-Mar-15 Impellor speedseal disc replacement Nov 14 2 years engine engine
31-Mar-15 end for end genoa furler line rigging
31-Mar-15 genoa halyard - wear in knot - re fisherman bend
31-Mar-15 Oil cooler zinc  60 days May-15
31-Mar-15 reefer filter leak and clean
31-Mar-15 sink - recaulk
01-Apr-15 cleats on pushpit
01-Apr-15 helm turkshead
01-Apr-15 WM overflow hose
02-Apr-15 engine stop - spring engine engine
02-Apr-15 oven - valve assy oven
03-Apr-15 rebed - heater exhaust rebed rebed
03-Apr-15 dodger repair - center panel - sew and new zipper pull plus ss stopper
03-Apr-15 propane solenoid controller bulb
03-Apr-15 rebed - bimini infill track bolts
03-Apr-15 reshim top and bottom vang rigging
03-Apr-15 vang - plastic insert replace rigging
05-Apr-15 Outboard anode 6 mon Dec-14
06-Apr-15 check lock stich on running backstays up mast rigging
06-Apr-15 check under spreader covers up mast rigging
06-Apr-15 check washer for furler  top - temp repair up mast rigging
06-Apr-15 genoa extrusion bolt check up mast rigging
06-Apr-15 vang lower attachment - back up rigging rigging
06-Apr-15 witness mark - standing rigging tangs up mast rigging
06-Apr-15 aft head leak
06-Apr-15 washboards - translucent
07-Apr-15 Tranmission oil change (every 400 hrs or annually) 400 4609 engine
07-Apr-15 generator- replace with stainless steel bolts generator
07-Apr-15 Honda generator - Clean air filter 3 mon Dec-14 Generator
07-Apr-15 Honda Generator - Fuel Filter 6 mon Generator
07-Apr-15 Honda generator - oil change 6 mon Dec-14 Generator
07-Apr-15 Honda Generator - spark arrester 6 mon Generator
07-Apr-15 Honda Generator - spark plug 12 mon Generator
07-Apr-15 aft head tap - tighten
07-Apr-15 rubrails for bow fairleads ss
07-Apr-15 small crack in gelcoat outside of cockpit - stbd side
08-Apr-15 Outboard fuel filter 6 mon Dec-14
08-Apr-15 Outboard gear oil 6 mon Dec-14
08-Apr-15 Outboard greasing 6 mon Dec-14
08-Apr-15 Outboard sparkplugs 6 mon Dec-14
08-Apr-15 rub rails for cleats in cockpit ss
08-Apr-15 traveler - replace bent bolts and add reinforcement both sides
09-Apr-15 Absorbent pads under engine/transmission Engine Engine
09-Apr-15 big bilge pump - silence switch electrical
09-Apr-15 download nautical almanac data IT
09-Apr-15 engine pan clean
09-Apr-15 external buzzer for AIS electrical
09-Apr-15 Reading light - aft cabin
10-Apr-15 hatch - kids cabin - rebed
11-Apr-15 coconut husker
11-Apr-15 outboard - troubleshoot rough running
11-Apr-15 rebed aft head window
11-Apr-15 rebed fwd head hatch
11-Apr-15 rebed leak above chart table
12-Apr-15 shorter pendant for genoa. sails
13-Apr-15 cockpit light - rewire electrical
13-Apr-15 fwd head - ceiling hooks for spear gun
13-Apr-15 purge extra POL - fuel stabilizer, corrosion preventative, coolant
14-Apr-15 bilge clean
14-Apr-15 block and tackle for anchor
14-Apr-15 chafe guards on turnbuckles
14-Apr-15 fwd head reorganize
14-Apr-15 mainfurl - Grease the grease nipple on the aft end of the spar. 2 Mon 08-Dec-14
14-Apr-15 Windlass - bimonthly 2 Mon 20-May-15
15-Apr-15 end for end genoa sheets sails
15-Apr-15 helm tape
15-Apr-15 longer pendant for staysail - full hoist minus 6" so sheet lines up with send clew strap sails
15-Apr-15 mainsail chafe repair sails
15-Apr-15 replace mainsail tack and clew lines 12 mon sails
15-Apr-15 staysail repair sails
15-Apr-15 storm staysail pennant sails
16-Apr-15 better waterproofing - dodger solar wiring rebed
16-Apr-15 epoxy and caulk aft hatch rebed
16-Apr-15 Fan - kids room electrical
16-Apr-15 infill bolt rebed rebed
17-Apr-15 rebed - pad eye kids room rebed
17-Apr-15 rebed - stanchion kids room rebed
17-Apr-15 rebed - toe rail kids room rebed
17-Apr-15 restow - dockboxes
18-Apr-15 Battery water - fwd - 60 days 60 days Mar-15
18-Apr-15 OpnCPN and Polars IT
18-Apr-15 Pressure water filter 3 mon May-15
18-Apr-15 restow - v berth
20-Apr-15 clean water tanks 12 mon
20-Apr-15 water sender attachment
21-Apr-15 liferaft recertify 3 years Safety 
21-Apr-15 MOM8 recertify 12 mon Safety 
21-Apr-15 rebed pulpit bow stanchions x 4 rebed
21-Apr-15 Teak bungs - screws
22-Apr-15 rebed pad eyes fwd x 3 rebed
22-Apr-15 rebed spin pole holder fwd rebed
22-Apr-15 rebed staysail tack pad eye rebed
23-Apr-15 windlass - lower circlip replace
23-Apr-15 windlass - tighen bolts
23-Apr-15 Windlass Service - preseason service - every 6 mon 6 mon Oct-15
24-Apr-15 BBQ replacement
24-Apr-15 change rusted nuts on kayak holder
24-Apr-15 toggle on top of back stay ? rigger
24-Apr-15 windlass - repaint
26-Apr-15 HF ant wire - re fit
26-Apr-15 Lifeline netting
27-Apr-15 download SAS Planet IT
27-Apr-15 Nautical almanac - move to nav computer IT
29-Apr-15 commission watermaker
30-Apr-15 test 2hp outboard
01-May-15 autopilot recalibrate
01-May-15 test preventer
02-May-15 back up tack line for mainsail
02-May-15 check fuel filter bowls Monthly May-15
02-May-15 test spinnaker
07-May-15 battery equalization electrical
07-May-15 Battery water - aft - 60 days 60 days 22-May-15

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