Friday, 7 November 2014

Gulf Harbour Radio's "Yachts in Transit" Service and ongoing sail repair.

For the upcoming passage from Tonga to New Zealand we will be trialing the "Yachts in Transit" service.  The link is at: "Yachts in Transit"

We should be able to update our position via our HF radio so you can see it on the Google Maps overlay.  We will only start updating it once we start the passage.  If you do not see updates do not worry - we may be having issues with the HF radio, the Pactor modem, the computer or just do not feel like playing with the computer and radio ...

In other news ... the sail repairs are almost done thanks to the great advice from Jamie the Sailmaker  on SV Totem and the patient hands on help from Tim on SV Exodus.  It looks like we will not have a weather window to depart until the middle of next week.

Victoria the Sailmaker - a nine foot repair in progress

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