Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Adventures in Snorkeling (or Niue Photos Part 2)

A few photos from our traveling around Niue.

Driving down the main highway.

Avaiki Cave

Jump !

Snorkelling in the cave.

bit of surge for Johnathan in Matapa Chasm at sunset.

Oh.  The sea is coming to join us in Matapa Chasm with the crew of SV Whatakei

Lots of fish at Avatele Beach.

Don't tread on me ...

Cool effects from the fresh water on top of the sea water.

Trumpet Fish

Sea snake

Just floating ...

More cool (and cold) effects of the fresh water mixing with the salt water.

Limu pools

Johnathan with Fluenta in the background.  We were in 70' of water and could see the bottom clearly.

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