Wednesday, 1 October 2014

On Passage Bound for Suwarrow


It is just about midnight, so I have come down to the chart table to note our 24-hr stats. We did 164 nm today (avg 6.8 kts)! The sooner we arrive, the sooner we are out of these lumpy conditions. The wind was forecast to be 13-14 kts; our winds have been steady at 18-19 kts with gusts higher. The swells (waves) were forecast to be long and smooth; instead we have what seems like two swell patterns converging from different angles. Suffice to say that we are all feeling the effects, and we'll be glad to get there! [I have a minor fuel leak to deal with on the engine - I think I might wait until we are in the lee of Suwarrow or maybe into the anchorage before I sort it out]

It hasn't been all bad. The kids and I were on watch this morning (rolling +30 to -30 deg with the swells) when we were able to wake Max with the words "Fish on" (it is always his turn to bring in the fish). We are not entirely sure what we caught (didn't match any of the pictures on our card exactly, but it looked a lot like either a Rainbow Runner or a California Yellowtail), but it was tasty cooked in butter for dinner!

Max had one squall after another last night. Even Johnathan moved into the saloon from the cockpit (where he invariably sleeps) because it was so wet. The morning dawned clear, and we had sunny skies all day today - lots of sunshine and wind, which means lots of power generated. We don't have much chance to get complacent, though: every time it seems like the sea state is calming down, we get another big wave splashing into the cockpit to cool us off and wake us up. The laundry I hung before we left hasn't had a chance to dry at all; I am just waiting for a calm moment, when I am not holding Benjamin, to go and get it off the life lines before it fades or shreds away. I will try again when we get to anchor.

Benjamin is rolling with the conditions (literally). He is wearing his orange harness 24/7, and we tether him in the cockpit (even when he is in the carrier). He is getting the hang of sitting, crawling and standing on a moving platform. I think he will have good balance!

Anyway, a short note tonight, but I wanted to let you know that we are all well.

At 9/30/2014 2:03 AM (utc) Fluenta's position was 10°28.00'S 159°57.30'W
At 9/30/2014 1:15 PM (utc) Fluenta's position was 11°21.37'S 160°57.32'W

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