Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Happy Birthday Johnathan


I hope your Thanksgiving turkey has settled nicely :) We had a lovely day in Suwarrow - almost our last. We finally have another boat in the anchorage, so it is nice to overlap with someone before we head for Niue.

These words are music to a mother's ears: "It was a great day today, Mom." They are especially nice when the one uttering them has just celebrated his birthday to his satisfaction :) Johnathan had a chance to snorkel, he went ashore with Max, he went fishing, he had pancakes & bacon for breakfast and spaghetti & meatballs for dinner. We will all go ashore for his "pinatanut" tomorrow, and his birthday movie night will wait for Niue. All in all, a good day for everyone.

I don't know if it is the two weeks that have passed since the equinox, or the lack of wind here this week, but I have to say that it is getting really hot - the daily temp is generally in the 32-33 range, and the humidity is around 70%. We will be glad to carry on south when we head for Niue!

We are planning to do a last everything tomorrow - last fishing trip (just after sunrise), last snorkel trip (we will check out some of the spots that our friends have recommended to us), last trip to the beach (and last deposit of books to the book exchange), oh, and last tidy/stow of the boat so we can depart on Tuesday! Victoria and I finished our Fluenta pennant/sign/flag today, so we will sign it and mount it tomorrow, and then lash down the dinghy so that we can leave early on Tuesday morning (or at least that is the plan at the moment).

Love to everyone,
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