Tuesday, 5 August 2014

More Tuamotus Photos

Another collection of Tuamotus photos.  More to follow...

On Passage in light airs

Not always pacific in the Pacific 

Sunset with the always present laundry.

More laundry with a nice view in the background.

Some time to read as well.

And to knit.  Victoria knitted this cat. Note the bowl of "milk" in the green cup.

Johnathan and I taking the deck head down to poision the cockroaches ...


Johnathan hard at work as usual processing coconuts.  We are never short of coconut to eat.  SV Wizard: note the knife at work.  Thanks John and Sue.

On our way again.

Charcoal - our pet salamander in a coconut shell.

Traditional teething toy.

More traditional teething tools.

Benjamin confused about having an actual baby toy. 

Neighboring cruiser who is a teacher volunteered to come over and read to the kids for awhile.  Fun stories about Australia. 

tough day at the office.

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