Tuesday, 5 August 2014

More Sharks, Beaches, Trickle and More - Yet even more photos from the Tuomotus ...

Approach to the "Dangerous Archipelago"

Canada Day

The Fleet

Net Gain

"Shark Baiting"

Sunset Sail and Recovery

Johnathan busy processing coconuts

Liz surveying the gap in the reef.

Sunset on the beach

Beach time with friends

Calm for a bit

"Our Private Beach"

Sand is tasty

Campfire on the beach

Clear water - the picture is taken from the deck of Fluenta


Shark Viewing Station

Shark Viewing Stations ...

Sashimi for Lunch

Captain Awesome


Nice to be able to check the anchor set simply.

Victoria preparing for Canada Day.

Trickle dressed up for Canada Day

The shelter Johnathan slept in with the rats.

Pretty fancy beach camping

Roast Goat

Boat Kids

Safety Boat Operator

Trumpet Fish

Parrot Fish

Again, not always pacific in the Pacific

Watching for reefs

Rush Hour in Fakarava

Victoria drilling a pearl

Pearl Farm

Pearl Farm

Pearl Farm

Sting Ray

Lunch out in Fakarava !

Fakarava South Pass

Benjamin not quite grasping the concept of snorkeling yet.

Fakarava South Pass

Never too young to learn how to drive

On Passage

SUV - Snorkeling Utility Vehicle

Our chain grabber for the snubber

Anchor chain buoy

Wet weather kayak trip

Kids in Fakarava North Pass

The end.


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