Monday, 18 August 2014

More Moorea Photos - Belevdere Hike, A Wedding, and Infiltration of the Tourist Facility

Cook's Bay from the Belvedere

Cook's Bay from the Belvedere

Hiking back from the Belvedere.

Bamboo Forest

View from the Anchorage

The Europeans like to anchor close ...

And yet more sharks

and more sharks ...

Qi's Wedding on the beach

The cake Victoria made for the wedding.

Hard day ...

The commute

Hotel in the distance
Not in the Tuamotus anymore... A few tourists ...

The beach at the Intercontinental

Benjamin dining at the Intercontinental

Not our usual fare - dining at the Intercontinental

Hanging Out at the Pool

Johnathan securing the dingy painter

Benjamin helping with projects

Some bigger sailboats around: this one is 440' long ...

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