Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tenacatita and Careyes

In February we took a break from boat maintenance to head down to Tenacatita and Careyes for some relaxation and to test all the systems we have installed, upgraded or just plain fixed.

We had planned to spend a bit longer in Tenacatita but there was a narrow weather window to get back around Capo Corrientes so we left a bit early and then hung out in Yelapa until we needed to be back in La Cruz.  The passage back was a bit bouncy but no problem.

We spent much of our time buddy boating with our friends on Exodus, catching up on home schooling and generally relaxing.  Max also managed to do some spearfishing while listening to the constant whale song in the area.  At one point, you could even hear the whales from inside the boat.

Careyes with Exodus in the Foreground

Victoria preparing orders for breakfast onboard

Our friend Brian on Cat 2 Fold.  Note he is serenading us as we sailed past.  I also had a chance to sail with Brian

Fish !  We caught a fair amount of fish on the way there and back plus I managed to spear one fish while listening to the whale song.

Johnathan's geography report on the Tumotuas

Yet more diaper laundry

Ready to ride

I even relaxed for a few minutes.  Carayes in the background.


A map the we found in Yelapa.  Kids showing the route to French Polynesia.

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