Thursday, 24 April 2014

Passage Update 23 Apr

We are still heading towards the Socorro Islands but as the wind has veered we are intending to pass to the south of them now. The close reach was turning into close hauled and beyond so we assessed it not worth trying to go around to the north. The gribs from last night show little difference in wind strength from the north side to the south side. Fluenta is bounding along on a beam reach although the beam seas are making things a tad rolly. Reading in the cockpit takes a bit caution as the occasional wave slap splashes across.

No fish on our lines today but a bit of wildlife to watch. Small porpoises came to play for awhile which is always appreciated. We also saw our first large schools of flying fish and collected a few suicidal squids from the deck.

The solar and wind generator combination continue to pay dividends as the batteries were topped off again today.



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  1. Living vicariously through this blog...
    Please have sushi soon, I'm craving some.
    Big Al.


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