Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Passage Preparations

All the boat projects are completed ... Nancy has arrived ... six dock carts of food has been brought to the boat ... school work has been downloaded ... stowing and canning is in progress ...  navigation data has been collated ...  so ... a few more steps to complete and we are hoping to ready to slip Saturday or once there is a weather window after that point.  Waiting for Benjamin's Mexican passport and our fresh produce which is booked for Thursday and then checkout of Mexico for Friday/Saturday.

Our ace crew Nancy hoisted me up the mast yesterday so I could clean and double check all was well.

Note our cool new solar panels ...

Our friend's boat Kenta Anae (The First 42 - the big Hanse).  They have been so good to us !

Our friends on Rebel Heart are two weeks or so ahead of us on the passage.  You call follow their progress on their always amusing blog.



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