Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sea of Cortez Update

We are still cruising in the Sea of Cortez in concert with a total of five "kid boats" (Northern Passage, Sweet Dreams, Star Passage and Exodus). Remote anchorages with lots of snorkeling, diving, hiking, dingy sailing in "Trickle", looking for agates, yoga on the beach and bonfires on the beach. Some of the highlights include snorkeling with sea lions and the amazing shows put on by the jumping dolphin and rays. The other boats have been spearfishing which I hope to be joining them on now that the engine repairs appear to be done. We are now in Agua Verde which actually has a tienda (a very small store that sometimes has food).

The kids have finished homeschooling for the day and are heading ashore with the other kids to go search for the cave paintings that are reputed to be around here.

Our communications are rather limited as we are well out of cellular and wifi range and our High Frequency radio does not seem to be working properly so we cannot send or receive e-mails on our sailmail account. The satphone, our backup to the HF, also decided it would not work nicely with the laptop but we have just managed to get it working again. We think we know where the problem with the radio may be but it involves taking a fair bit of time to gain access. On the "to do" list (I have an excel spreadsheet that runs for pages on things to do soon, to do before storing the boat, before the South Pacific, eventually, etc)...

We have been doing lots of sailing between anchorages and in and out of the anchorages as the water lift muffler for the engine is on its last legs so we are minimizing engine usage. We have patched it with fiberglass twice (a fun place to fiberglass lying in the engine compartment) now so hoping it holds until can get a replacement made or a new one shipped in.

At 02/05/2013 00:31 (utc) our position was 24°54.51'N 110°42.41'W

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  1. Bus ride to San Diego? Then you can stock up on a few other "essentials" (I'd say cheese, but you're in Agua Verde... make sure you get enough of that chevre goodness they make!). Welcome to cruising!


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