Sunday, 18 November 2012

Still enroute to Mazatlan

Still on our way slowly ... The winds were very calm today so we motored for a large part of the day. Lots of dolphins and porpoises to keep us company as well as two birds that seemed cute at first when they decided to rest on our boat for a while. Less cute when they started leaving large poops on the deck and the children. One is still on the mast head 12 hours later.

We had swimming stations half way across the sea. Seems unreal to swim in 29C water but it is still refreshing especially when followed by a fresh water rinse from the solar showers.

Trolling two lines but nothing caught. We had some nibbles for awhile.
At 18/11/2012 06:54 (utc) our position was 23°13.80'N 107°19.92'W

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