Friday, 30 November 2012

Night Passage to Chacala

This was supposed to be an overnight passage from Isla Isabela to San Blas .. but leaving Isla Isabela before dark (which we wanted to do) would have meant hanging around outside the entrance to San Blas (likely hove to) for a few hours (which we did not want to do) so we changed our plan on the fly and are now approaching Chacala (which was our next destination anyway) and will arrive there just after daybreak. Much better.

To quote our guidebook - "Chacala is the quintessential anchorage most people dream about when setting sail for the warm tropical anchorages of Pacific Mexico". Need we say more??

We plan to be in Chacala for about a week, then we will head for Paradise Village Marina (near Puerto Vallarta) possibly via La Cruz.

We are cruising and all is well,


PS - Isla Isabela was pretty much as advertised - rocky anchorage, clear blue water, and loads of birds & lizards ashore. We arrived there yesterday afternoon, and spent the morning ashore today. We didn't want to spend another night on anchor watches, so here we are on passage!
At 18/11/2012 06:54 (utc) our position was 23°13.80'N 107°19.92'W

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  1. Dropping a line to the Capt(s)? and crew of the SV Fluenta. I was wondering where you were and now I know. Great pictures!! What a life. All the best and I will continue to check in.

    Barry L.

    1. So good to hear from you Barry! Thanks for the comment. We will keep the pics coming :) Liz

  2. Feliz Navidad Fluenta!! We miss the kids smiles and spirit - and look forward to more fun times together in Mexico.
    Nancy and Rob


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