Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Baja Ha Ha - Night Sailing

0330 Local time - We have sailed out of the fog and spent much of the afternoon/evening under clear skies. Winds have been light & variable overnight. Lots of Ha Ha boats have been motoring, but we have kept sailing - just when we think the winds have dropped to the point where we will finally have to start our engine (4-5 kts) they will pick up again to 8-9 kts. We are flying our asymmetric spinnaker, using our (brand new) ATN Tacker which lets us attach the bottom front corner of the sail to forestay over our furled genoa. Both seem to be doing fine - we are making about 4.5 kts in just over 8 kts of wind. Other than the fact that we have timings to meet in Turtle Bay (don't want to miss the BBQ) this is lovely and peaceful sailing. There are other boats in our general vicinity, so we are going to stick with this approach for now. Thank goodness Max dove on the hull the other day and gave it a cleaning!
At 30/10/2012 10:20 (utc) our position was 31°32.52'N 117°17.07'

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