Saturday, 24 March 2012

Now that the boat has a name ... Transport Canada registration papers came in the mail last week ... We obviously need a blog ...  So, now we have a blog and will go back to work getting the house ready to put on the market.

We looked at the boat, then SV JD, in Aug 11 and completed the survey in Nov 11.  I have attached a few photos from the those visits plus the two weeks I had working on the boat in Jan 12.  Also a few photos on another Stevens 47 we had the good fortune to sail on last summer and the kids on STV TUNA, the boat I manage for the Royal Canadian Navy for another week.

August Visit to Anacortes

Victoria driving Tuna
Johnathan driving Tuna

One of the chainplates that was removed

Another chainplate, in this picture you can see that one of the bolts was corroded right through.  Much more comfortable now that all the chainplates have been pulled.



  1. Will be looking forward to reading the post on here for the next ? years...

  2. Well done mate good luck John C

  3. Simply awesome and congrats on your success!
    Eric H.

  4. Just plain wonderful. Wishing you all the best in this next "adventure" in your lives. May you always have fair winds and seas...and may you find yourself among friends everywhere you travel:) Looking forward to future posts of your exploits.


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